That is why Naby Keita decided against FC Bavaria

For a few days Naby Keita has been an official employee of the English football club FC Liverpool. By the end of last summer, the Reds had frozen the deal with RB Leipzig and secured the services of the middle fielder against a million-dollar payment in advance. Now an English newspaper has revealed t hat a top German club was in a hot fight with team manager Jurgen Klopp around the 23-year-old.

As the “Times” reports, no lesser than FC Bavaria Munich Keita wanted to sign, After he scored eight goals and eight pieces in his first Bundesliga season and led Leipzig to the vice-championship title.

But the sustainable advertising of the Reds seems to have convinced the central midfielder. Already in the year 2014, before Keita joined Austria Salzburg, the Guineer was said to have been on the radar of the top English club.

2016 finally there was the first attempt to buy the 23-year-old. But according to “Times”, Klopp and Co. chose Georginio Wijnaldum of Newcastle United because this transfer was easier to achieve.

Then Sadio Mane stepped into the spotlight, who already played with Keita at RB Salzburg and is also part of the same consulting agency. Reds is said to have played a central role in the transfer of the Leipzig and finally convinced him of a change.

Keita then decided against the Bavarian FC and to work with Jurgen Klopp, who had been so extensively praised by Mane.

Bavaria give him a double chance

The “kicker” had already reported a few months ago that Keita was already in promising talks with the managers of FC Bavaria. Unlike FC Liverpool, however, the German record player was afraid to fix the transfer about a year before the start of the collaboration.

The total package of at least 55 million fixed redemption amounts (Keitas clause) as well as the player gag, which in the case of a four-year contract in the area of 40 to 60 Millions of euros would have been too risky for FCB managers. The German record champion did not want to carry the risk of Keita being injured in his new club until he entered the contract.

FC Liverpool took advantage of his chance to pay more fifteen million euros immediately and also for safety reasons and now gets a fit and healthy Naby Keita.

The “kicker” also revealed that the FC Bavaria gave another chance in the case of the Guinness. Today’s Liverpool and former Leipzig and Salzburg professionals are said to have already been offered to the German master at a time when Keita was still active for the Austrian club. Just like Mane, who now made sure the Guinness joined the Reds. Kurios.