That is why the VfB Stuttgart is stepping out of the Bundesliga

In this season’s Bundesliga release there will be a meeting between the VfB Stuttgart and Union Berlin (20:30-clock live-ticker). For most football experts, the Swabians are favoured in the duel. But the swans should not be too sure. Finally, there are plenty of reasons that speak out against the original list.

Reason 1: Union Berlin is a home power

The VfB Stuttgart is already dependent on a good result in the example in front of the home scene. For in the second encounter the five-time master must compete at the Old Forestry.

There Union Berlin is an absolute power this season. In the second. The team from Copenhagen lost only one of its 17th home games (against the SC Paderborn). In addition, the Union swept, inter alia, the first. FC Cologne and the Hamburg SV, each with 2:0 from the square.

VfB Stuttgart, however, presented itself extremely weak this season. In the Bundesliga, the Schwabs celebrated only a victory in the foreigner. The 2:0 at 1. FC Nuremberg is almost seven months behind. The ten foreign stores achieved are also league-low.

Reason 2: VfB Stuttgart has an offensive problem

The disappointing season of VfB Stuttgart is due to many factors. But especially the weak offensive stands out in the team of Nico Willig. With 32-hits, the Stuttgarts faced the third weakest attack by the Bundesliga. Only Hanover 96 (31) and the 1st. FC Nuremberg (26) were even worse here.

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Moreover, the VfB lacks a reliable stormer. With seven hits, Mario Gomez was the most dangerous actor in the sixteenth table. In the Bundesliga Torjaggerliste this was only sufficient for the divided 31. Right. Too little for the Swabians.

Reason 3: Union Berlin is a defensive bulwark

As if the weakening offensive for the VfB Stuttgart is not worrying enough, you also meet with Union Berlin the best defensive of the 2nd. Bundesliga.

In 34 games, the Capital Club only collected 33 opponents. Comparison: As the second best team in this category, the Hamburg SV allowed nine more hits. This shows what successful defensive tactics Union trainer Urs Fischer has prescribed for his team.

VfB Stuttgart, on the other hand, had defensive problems during this time of the game. All 70 opponents (2,06 per game) had to accept the Schwaben in the Upper House.

Reason 4: Lack of experience on the trainer bench

Nico Willig, in his previous four games as an interim trainer of the VfB Stuttgart, achieved a score of 1, 75 and thus faced with the exploits of his predecessors Markus Weinzierl (0,70) and Tayfun Korkut (1,64), his lack of experience could prove fatal to him.

After all, apart from an engagement with the regionalist TSG Balingen, the 38-year-old was previously active only in the junior field.

His counterpart, Urs Fischer, on the other hand, has experienced more in professional football. The 53-year-old Union coach won the Swiss Championship twice as head coach of FC Basel and crowned 2017 as Swiss Cup champion.

2018 finally followed the change to Union Berlin. “I just need to be the way I am. I’m actually relaxed,”the sworn comrade said before the upcoming release. With the irons, Fischer now wants to send the VfB Stuttgart to second class.

Jannik Kube