Thomas Muller talks about Bavarian traditions

Paradebayer Thomas Muller can’t start much with the hissing of white sausages: “It’s not very aesthetic and somehow just a bit annoying.”

“Of course, if there’s no cutlery, I’ll bite too. Rather a twitchy white wurscht than none at all,”the offensive player of FC Bayern Munich said laughing in the January issue of the club magazine”51”. The slip is “not my version number one.”

Muller is open to many things when it comes to cutting technology when eating white sausages. At first, the banana cut would have been his “favorite model”, but now I’ve come across the cross section, which seems a bit more elegant. Should there be a nobler occasion soon, I will take a practical test,”said the former national football player.

In the interview about Bavaria and traditions, Muller also spoke about personalities in the free state. On the question of which three historical Bavarians first came to mind outside football, the former World Champion called a broad mix.

“I think many connect with Bavaria Franz-Josef Strauss. Ludwig II is also well known. Suddenly I think of Karl Valentin, Markus Wasmeier, Hackl Schorsch, and we had a pope with Benedict XVI, too,”Muller said.”We had a pope, too.” And don’t forget, Master Eder and his Pumuckl. So I think a very illustrious mixture is coming together.”