THW Kiel wins HBL Summit -First bankruptcy for SCM

The Kiel spectators celebrated the derby race with “Oh, how beautiful” songs, the THW players thanked the archrival SG Flensburg Handewitt for the loud support after the hard-fought prestige success. With 28:24 (18:13), the record champion won the top game of the Handball Bundesliga and added the first season defeat to the title defender. Kieler’s hopes for the first championship since 2015 live, the title fight promises to become even more exciting this season.

“The first half was with our best performance,” said THW coach Filip Jicha at “Sky” and supplemented with a view to the table: “This is a crazy league, The teams are very well balanced.”

“We wanted to avoid running after four minus points again from the start,”said National Player Hendrik Pekeler:”We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves there early last year. So now we are in the middle and keep everything open.”

Kiel has points on the account after the prestigious success 6:2. The Flensburger, which had not come out of a remiss at HSG Wetzlar last week, are under pressure at 7:3 counters after the new damper.

If the THW, which was already under 31:32 at SC Magdeburg during this time of the game, would have been under pressure early in the season. Both the Super Cup against Flensburg and the final of the Club-WM against FC Barcelona had lost the Kielers.

SC Magdeburg also won its first defeat on Thursday, and Coach Bennet Wiegert’s team lost in the series after four wins with 29:31 (13:16). The ambitious team from Melsungen had recently had to endure a severe 23:36-bankruptcy at the Balingen Ascendant. For the team around national player Finn Lemke it was the second season victory.

The Rhine-Neckar lions also established themselves in the top group. The team of trainer Kristjan Andresson was led by a strong Uwe Gensheimer, who scored ten goals, 37:26 (17:12) against HBW Balingen Weilstetten and now has 8:2 points. The only undefeated team is table leader TSV Hannover-Burgdorf (8:0).

In Kiel, the Flensburg goalkeeper Torbjorn Bergerud developed from the beginning a temporary game in which the Flensburg goalkeeper Torbjorn Bergerud excelled with several strong parades. In the attack, however, the title defender made an unusually large number of minor mistakes, so that the THW could for the first time look at four gates just ten minutes before the end of the first half-period, In the second half of the year, the Flensburger furios and similar in just about six minutes to 18:18. Then a balanced game developed, the decision was made a few minutes before the end, when the keelers moved to three gates.

THW Kiel – SG Flensburg Handewitt 28:24 (18:13). Gates: Nilsson (5), Ekberg (5/3), Jacobsen (4), Pekeler (4), Bylik (3), Reinkind (3), Wiencek (2), Weinhold (2) for Kiel – Johannessen (5), Red (4), Golla (3), Jondal (3), Zachariassen (2), Steinhauser (2), Wanne (2/1), Svan (1), Jeppsson (1), Gottfridsson (1) for Flensburg. Viewer: 10.285

Rhein-Neckar Lions – HBW Balingen Weilstetten 37:26 (17:12). Gates: Gensheimer (10/2), Kohlbacher (6), Schmid (6), Fath (5), Groetzki (3), Nielsen (2), Kirkelokke (2), Lagarde (1), Ganz (1), Tollbring (1/1) for the Rhine-Neckar Lions -Nothdurft (4), Gretarsson (4/2), Lipovina (3), Shock (3), Saueroic (2), Meschke (2), Niemeyer (2), Taleski (2), Zobel (1), Roller (1), De la Pena Morales (1), Thomann (1/1) for Balingen. Viewer: 5262

TSV GWD Minden – Die Eulen Ludwigsbhafen 29:23 (13:13). Gates: Michalczik (7), Gulliksen (5), Meister (4), Rambo (4), Korte (3), Savvas (2/2), Staar (1), Reissky (1), Knorr (1), Gullerud (1) for Minden – Hofmann (4), Mappes (4), Haider (3), Muller (3), Neuhaus (3), Durak (3/2), Stuber (2), Remmlinger (1) for Ludwigshafen. Viewer: 2089

MT Melsungen – SC Magdeburg 31:29 (16:13). Gates: Reichmann (12/4), Mikkelsen (5), Kuhn (5), Maric (3), Hafner (2), Allendorf (2), Danner (1), Schneider (1) for Melsungen – Hornke (6/3), Lagergren (4), Damgaard (4), Pettersson (4/1), Musa (3), Bezjak (2), O’Sullivan (2), Schmidt (2), Musche (1), Chrapkowski (1) for Magdeburg. Audience: 4098

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