THW passes hardness test -foxes go under

Even without Superstar Sander Sagosen title defender THW Kiel has passed the first season hardness test in the Handball Bundesliga.

In the absence of the injured Norwegian, who falls out due to a muscle fiber fracture of around three weeks, the record champion defeated the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf with 34:31 (17:18). As a table leader, SC DHfK Leipzig has 4:0 points. The Saxons also celebrated their second season victory with the 29:22 (15:9) at the HSC 2000 Coburg Ascendant.

This also succeeded the Rhine-Neckar Lion, who decided the neighborhood contest at the Eulen Ludwigshafen with 26:24 (14:13) and the MT Melsung with a 27:21 (13:8) against the TBV Lemgo Lippe. There was a bitter break for the Berlin fox, who lost the East duel against the SC Magdeburg in front of a domestic setting with 22:32 (12:14)

THW is struggling for a long time

In Kiel Sagosen was sorely missed in the first half. Meanwhile, the host was already in the background with three gates. It was only after the change that the THW, for which Niclas Ekberg was the best pitcher with nine goals, fulfilled his favorite role.

In the final phase of the first half, the reactivated goalie coach Mattias Andersson gave his Bundesliga comeback at the THW. The 42-year-old had actually finished his career 2018, However, due to the long-term failure of the chief caretaker Niklas Landin, who had been operating on his knee, had moved into the Kiel cadre a few days ago.

At the Berlin defeat, national player Fabian Wiede, after a shoulder operation and ten months break, was once again in a mandatory game on the floor. Of course, I imagined the comeback quite differently,”said the backroom player.

While in the foxes nothing was going on especially after the change, Magdeburg’s top pitcher Michael Damgaard (8 goals) showed themselves well recovered from the surprising starting point against the Bergische HC.

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