Tim Wiese later “bitterly regrets” real rejection

2012 changed Tim Wiese to the football Bundesliga 1899 Hoffenheim. The former goalkeeper of Werder Bremen was about to change to Real Madrid. But today’s 36-year-old told the royals about Coach Jos e Mourinho and cries out for the big chance later today.

“It wasn’t just a rumor, as many thought,” Tim Wiese explained to “Sport1”: “Jose Mourinho telephoned me and insisted on bringing me to the royals at the time.” Not enough: Also the then real-stars Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira wanted to convince the finalist of a switch to Spain, said the six-time German national player in retrospect.

Wiese, however, declined after prolonged hesitation. He found the competition with Iker Casillas, the association leader of the royals too risky. Once you’re done, you’re out and the fans wave their white handkerchiefs at you.” his advisor Roger Wittmann told him that summer.

The goalkeeper wanted to play “for a few more years” at the highest level and not settle for a bench: “I was after the World Cup in the best phase of my career.”

Ocil and Khedira: “You are better than Casillas”

For his former colleagues from the DFB selection, Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira, a not really understandable decision. “What are you doing? Come to us, you are better than Casillas,”according to Wiese, the real duo replied.

Instead of Real Madrid, the Keeper eventually went to 1899 Hoffenheim. There he signed a highly subsidized four-year contract. That was the biggest mistake of my career afterwards. But a battle with Casillas would have been almost hopeless.”

Later, Tim Wiese”regretted the decision against Real bitter –no later than after the Cup game with Hoffenheim in the first round at the Berlin AK, when we lost 0:4. I just thought, “Shit!”

Tim Wiese hung his gatekeeper gloves on the nail in the Kraichgau in winter 2014. After his career as a professional footballer, the finalist tried to be a wrestler, and now he works as a TV expert.