Time at FC Bavaria Coutinho should have “awakened”

In the summer 2019, FC Bavaria lent Munich Superstar Coutinho from FC Barcelona and was celebrated for the coup. Half a year later, however, indignation has returned. Coutinho could not put on those outstanding accents that the Munich people might have expected of him. It seems impossible to draw the enormous purchasing option of 120 million euros at the Isar.

A compatriot of Coutinhos has now made a guess as to why the nobleman failed.

“I always thought Coutinho could fit better to Spanish than to German football, Also because language and lifestyle in Germany can pose a greater challenge for a Brazilian”, rivalo, an ex-world footballer, spoke to”Betfair”.

Unfortunately, the step was not taken in the end and Coutinho will return to FC Barcelona, said Rivaldo. If the offensive star were to be given a new chance there, coach and management would have to decide.

However, if you really gave the 27-year-old the opportunity to start a second start at Barca, Coutinho had to regain its former form at FC Liverpool.

In the Reds jersey, Coutinho showed some outstanding achievements between 2012 and the end of 2017, before joining FC Barcelona in January 2018 for full 145 million euros, However, the sum on the lawn could not be repaid.

Failure of the FC Bavaria as a wake-up call for Coutinho

Coutinho’s ability to do so stands for Rivaldo, who has legendary status at FC Barcelona, except: “I believe in its quality, but much will depend on it, whether he is demonstrating the necessary mental strength,”says Rivaldo. The experience of the Bundesliga should have awakened him and shown that Barca is the right place for him.”

However, the former Brazilian superstar is not sure that the Catalans plan with Coutinho.” Barca might prefer to get some of his investments back”and sell the national player to the Premier League. For Rivaldo, however, there is no question: “Coutinho should fight to stay.”

Coutinho’s contract with FC Barcelona ends in the summer 2023. The latest speculation was that FC Chelsea and Inter Milan would be interested.