Tire tester: Has Haas succumbed?

Has Haas lost interest in his choice of tyres? The American team surprised in Montreal with their decision not to nominate any supersofts. Instead, they took care of the even softer ultrasound. Because Haas has a little trouble tickling performance out of the tires.

We simply cannot generate a grip. We don’t know what it is,”Romain Grosjean says. The rougher the asphalt, the better it is for us.”

In Canada, however, the Formula One pilots expect a very smooth asphalt, which is why Haas considered the ultra-often the right choice.” The background was: Pirelli announced a better warm-up and a lower working window at Ultrasoft,”says Grosjean. But pussy cakes: “After Monaco, we found that the warm-up at the ultrasound often did not go as well as at the Supersoft.”

Grosjean shows gallows humor

Thus the newcomer in Montreal faces a problem. The supersofts would probably be better placed in the work window for a qualifying round, but the team does not have any of them! “The team has no such thing!” So we are a little worried,”says Grosjean, who has not yet been able to figure out how to get the tyres right at temperatures. But we still have the soft tires,”he laughs. This, however, should not go far in terms of performance on Saturday.

Currently, one is a little far from the top ten anyway, as the Frenchman has to admit to the ranks 15 and 18 for his team in training.” But with a few pinches we can get closer,”he says,”since the new chassis now brings confidence again and allows a proper balance.

But another problem is behind the wheel: No, here there is no discussion about the sporting value of Esteban Gutierrez. The Mexican, however, is physically not at the height and spent the last few days in bed.” It is not a great feeling not to be 100 percent fit,”says the Haas pilot and sees it positively, because on Friday he was already feeling better. The good news is that the worst is behind me.”