Top clubs deny Max Meyer top content

For which association football national player Max Meyer plays in the coming season, it is still not clear. One club has reportedly dropped out of poker, while another wants to hold further talks.

From Hoffenheim to Fenerbahce and Marseille to London and Liverpool: The number of clubs that Max Meyer has been associated with in recent weeks is increasing and increasing. According to his advisor, Roger Wittmann, the midfielder has had more than enough offers, only one signature has not yet been reached.

The English top clubs FC Liverpool and FC Arsenal are two of the clubs that are repeatedly referred to as potential buyers of the 22-year-old

Up to now. According to English media reports, Jurgen Klopp and the Reds have since withdrawn from poker for the German national player.

Arsenal wants to continue negotiating

The Gunners, on the other hand, are still interested in an obligation. However, the Londoners do not want to accept Meyer’s salary claims (yet). The former switchboard requires about five million euros per year, now stands too much for FC Arsenal.

Supposedly talks are to take place in the coming days to find out if the two parties will still agree. If Meyer does not withdraw from his demand, the Gunners will also say goodbye to the race, according to the English media.

Roger Wittmann did last urge patience and explained: “It is not my job to comment on rumors about Max’s situation. Everyone knows his situation: he is a great talent and free to replace. We must now be patient and wait for his decision.”However, given the current season preparations and the upcoming start of the season, Meyer’s options are unlikely to improve.