Top rider Hanover sets start record

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf has successfully defended the table leading in the Handball Bundesliga by setting its starting record.

By the 30:24 (13:8) against the Bergische HC, the Lower Saxons achieved the fifth victory, as with their best mark of 2017 in the fifth season game. With 10:0 points, the rectangles are two meters ahead of the SC Magdeburg and the Rhine-Neckar Lions (both 8:2 meters).

“I am very proud of the team. Our defense was great until the last second,”said Hannover’s coach Antonio Carlos Ortega:”We are now at least a week’s leader of the table, and I hope that will remain so for a little longer.”

Far from the top, But in the wind are the foxes Berlin: After two defeats in the first three seasonal games, the team of Velimir Petkovic celebrated the second victory in the series at 36:27 (21:15) against TVB Stuttgart and improved to seventh place.

The fourth victory in the fifth game was won by SC DHfK Leipzig (26:25 against Fresh Up). GOpeningen), who pushed himself to Master SG Flensburg-Handewitt (5) in fourth place.

Hanover was clearly superior to the guests and did not even fall behind. The BHC succeeded only in the initial phase of a tie to 3:3, after which the landlords withdrew. The best TSV pitchers were Timo Kastening and Morten Olsen with six hits each.

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – Bergischer HC 30:24 (13:8). Gates: Olsen (7), Kastening (6/3), Bohemia (4), Buchner (3), Martinovic (3), Cehte (2), Mavers (1), Patrol (1), Thiele (1), Pevnov (1), Feise (1) for Hanover -Gunnarsson (5/5), Weck (3), Damm (3), Boomhouwer (3), Babak (3), Johannsson (2), Darj (1), Petrovsky (1), Arnesson (1), Fraatz (1), Stutzke (1) for BHC. Viewer: 3883

Fox Berlin – TVB Stuttgart 36:27 (21:15). Gates: Ernst (5), Marsenic (5), Drux (4), Koch (4), Lindberg (4/2), Wiede (4), Muller (3), Simak (3/2), Gojun (2), Holm (1), Struck (1) for Berlin – Asgeirsson (5), Schmidt (5), Lonn (4), Zieker (4), Hafner (2), Pesevski (2), Rotisberger (2), Markotic (1), Pfattheicher (1), Wieling (1) for Stuttgart. Viewer: 6318

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