Top teams in DHB quarter-finals

SG Flensburg-Handewitt has continued its mission of defending Cup with a shooting feast. In the eighth finals of the DHB Cup, the second table of the Handball Bundesliga declared the host VfL Gummersbach with 36:19 (18:9).

The team of trainer Ljubomir Vranjes entered the quarterfinals just as easily as the top rider Rhein-Neckar lions. The Mannheimers won their home game against the Club World Champion Fox Berlin with 29:23 (16:13).

At the end of the eighth finals, the THW Kiel was not naked either. After difficulties in getting to grips with the German champion, the second-level HSC Coburg 2000 took place with 27:23 (16:9). Previously, the Bundesliga-Third MT had won Melsungen at the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf with 28:22 (15:11). The SC Magdeburg also celebrated an outward appearance and waved the table-closing light TuS N-Lubbecke with 39:34 (20:15).

In the single duel of two two two-tier teams, the TSV GWD Minden won in the replacement weakened EHV Aue with 28:22 (12:13). The Bergische HC defeated the second-tier HSG Nordhorn Lingen with 24:19 (11:7). On the previous day, Fresh On Gap Openings was the first team to enter the next round by a 29:25 (15:13) against HBW Balingen Weilstetten. The matches for the quarter finals on the 16th of December are eliminated on Sunday before the Bundesliga match Fox Berlin against THW Kiel.

The Flensburger had an amazingly easy game in Gummersbach. Against the completely indisposed hosts, the trophy champion at 2:1(5) took the lead for the first time and did not give it up until the end. At 22:12 (36), Flensburg was in the front for the first time with ten goals. The Gummersbacher surrendered almost to their fate. It was significant that Carsten Lichtlein, who stopped running in the second half of the season, was the best player of the house owners.

In the middle of the second half, Flensburg then switched over cheerfully and Vranjes put in his second guard, who finished the game sovereign.” The result is also deserved at this height,”Lichtlein admitted in the interview of the television station Sport1,”I am disappointed, without measure.”

In Ludwigshafen, where the Rhine-Neckar lions had avoided for the Cup game, the foxes bravely defended Berlin. Up to 24:22 (50), the EHF Cup winner could still hope for a surprise. But in the final phase, the loss-point-free Bundesliga-First was clear enough to expand the lead and ultimately win significantly.

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