Torwart madness at S04: Now it is to fix trouble again

FC Schalke 04 looks like the goalkeeper-change-you game will continue. After several sponsors of Markus Schubert in the Federal Football League, Werder Bremen is again expected to face the real head of the tribe. His career with the royal flowers seemed to be over.

Actually, no one should be surprised. It’s not about Alexander Nutel becoming important again at FC Schalke 04. Because he’s actually the chief of the royal flowers. And this position, which has been put out of service in recent weeks, he is now to resume, as “Sport1” reports before the duel against Werder Bremen.

But the story is not so strange after all. After all, the nut was not hurt or blocked. He had just been demoted. Because he switches to FC Bavaria in the summer free of charge to replace Manuel Neuer as number one there at some point and because he had scored.

Not quite as regularly as his representative Markus Schubert. He’s had his share in one or other of the opposing forces in the last few weeks. That was obvious,”said Coach David Wagner now before the game against Werder. Everyone has to call the performance in order to justify being able to continue playing.”

Schubert, who started the defeat with his sponsor against Fortuna Dusseldorf during the week, has now failed. Wagner has chosen to be bad again and has already communicated this decision within the team.

For the fourth time, FC Schalke 04 is rotated

It would be the fourth rotation between the bad and Schubert this season. And this rotation madness in this sensitive position is also indicative of the disastrous course of the reverse series.

No team is worse than a bowling alley. Although the SC Paderborn only scored seven points after the winter break, the gate ratio of the Gelsenkirchen is clearly more disastrous than that of the ascender – 5:24 to 11:19. Only the good round with 30 points prevents the royal flowers from slipping into the descent region.

Now it must be bad. But what exactly? The qualification for the European Cup, which is urgently needed for the brutally clammy switchboard players? No, that’s not the point. Although S04 is still only two points away from square seven, which might be enough for the Europa League.” In our situation, it is forbidden to talk about Europe,”Wagner said. The point is to play the season in such a way that we take a few more points with us.”

To and fro about Nutmeg hovers over Schalker Team

For Nutmeg, the main thing is to remember his sports class again. For the change of great talent to Munich is viewed critically by many media and experts.

Thus former national goalie Toni Schumacher wondered in the “Kicker meets Dazn” podcast: “I am a bit surprised that the bad guy goes to Bavaria and now sits on the bench for the next three, if not four years. I can only keep putting the young goalies at heart, you will only get better if you play and not if you sit somewhere on the bench.”

However Schumacher also shows understanding for bad decision.” In the end, you can’t blame the boy too much. When Bavaria knocks on Munich, every boy wakes up and says: Now I can go to the big Bavarians. But you have to see the overall situation. That’s why I also believe that in this story the bad guy is the big loser.”

The former number one of the bad guys, Oliver Reck, found in the”Weserkurier”that the back and forth in the staff is a very difficult story for all involved.” This topic, says Reck, “still floats a little bit above the Schalker team in my opinion.”

Nausea can actually be the big winner again. Perhaps the only one in the deep Schalker crisis. No one should be surprised.

Tobias Nordmann

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