Toto Wolff argues for today’s engines

Since 2014 the formula-1 bolts of hybrid turbochargers have been driven, there has been criticism of this drive formula.

The technique is too complicated, too expensive, too unspectacular and the silent sound does not suit the royal class. The new engine format from 2021 aims to eliminate these critical points. Yet the current drives are a miracle of technology. Next year, the system performance is to break the brand of 1.000 PS for the first time. At the same time, the drives are becoming more and more energy efficient.

One has to look to the future,”says Mercedes motor sports director Toto Wolff at”Sky Sports F1″.” We have the most efficient engines because we only consume 100 kilograms of fuel and still have more power than the V8 and V10 engines did.”Nevertheless, many fans mourn the old suction engines. The drivers did not have to pay attention to the consumption in times of tank stops and could always give full throttle and attack in every round.

glorification of the past

But the world keeps turning and technical development is advancing. That’s why Wolff says, “I think people always glorify the past. In fact, Formula One has always been the king class of motor sports and has always used the best technology. It is a competition of the best drivers and the best cars. If we drove the current cars against the vehicles with V8 and V10 engines, then we would fade them.”

lap times are one side, the emotion is another. The biggest criticism of the fans on the current drive format is the silent sound. Compared to most racing series, it has become a “whisper formula.” I agree that the sound is not great,”Wolff says on this subject.”I agree that the sound is not great.” That is why we have to increase the speed for 2021 and work on the exhaust to make the engine sound good.”Then the new drive format should come. The engines should be cheaper at similar power but also more spectacular and make significantly more noise.