Transfer-hammer! Bavaria to work on Kroos return

Before deciding to switch to Real Madrid in the summer 2014, Toni Kroos became a professional at FC Bavaria Munich, won the Champions League with the Munichs and celebrated three trophies as well as three championships

Kroos, who renewed his contract with the Madrillans only at the end of May 2019 to 2023, is to be in talks with FC Bavaria. Eduardo Inda, the founder of Okdiario, revealed in the football talk “El Chiringuito” of the TV channel “Mega”.

Inda, who certified Kroos probably the best season in the Madrid jersey since his change, wants to know that the German is one of two real players who are currently “pissed” at Coach Zinedine Zidane. The reason: At the 1:2-league lead against Betis Sevilla, Zidane sent Kroos into the shower prematurely, at the subsequent Champions League Kracher against Manchester City, the 31-year-old even lost 90-minutes on the bench.

FC Bavaria would have to overcome high hurdles

“Contacts with FC Bavaria have broken down in recent weeks In addition, Inda continued to say goodbye to Kroos from Madrid. The German record master is working on convincing Kroos to come back.

Kroos is supposed to be very happy in Madrid and not really want to leave the club. The national player does not close the door completely. If FC Bavaria is really serious about advertising for Kroos, however, there are still some very high hurdles to overcome.

The Routinier contract has a fixed remuneration of 500 million euros, Besides the FCB, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United are also to have an interest in Kroos.

Kroos has so far contested over 260 Mandatory Games for the Madrid, for which FC Bavaria has run 205 times.