Trouble over inconsistent penalties in formula 1

In Formula 1, there is widespread resentment over a less consistent FIA penal policy. A possible answer to the problem: the four race commissioners, three motorsport officials from different national associations and an ex-pilot, do not exchange, as before, on each race weekend, but appoint permanently. But Mercedes-Pilot Valtteri Bottas is skeptical.

For him, the personnel occupation is only one part of the dilemma: Every situation is different and everyone has their own view of things,”Bottas says. Ultimately, a solution that benefits consistency would be that we should be allowed to race hard and there will be no more penalties.”

Bottas knows, however, that the proposal is utopia because it ignores another objective, namely fair competition:”It would end in a slaughter,”he says.”It would end in a slaughter.” If someone does something intentionally, I think they deserve to be punished. But racing situations like the cause of a collision are more complex because you never know anything about a possible intention.”

The triggers of the discussion were judgments against the Ferrari pilots Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Vrikkunen. While the German only received a five-second penalty for his attack on Bottas in the start round of Le Castellet, the Finnish received a ten-second penalty for a similar maneuver against Lewis Hamilton in Silverstone. There was therefore criticism. But Bottas understands the FIA: “The incidents were a little different”, he says.