Understand a potential world champion

Four days after the serious first round of the Russian Grand Prix, Daniil Kvyat, on the orders of Red Bull, has to clear his cockpit at the top team for young talent Max Verstappen. The decision was announced on Thursday about a week before the race in Spain. Even before that, the Dutch were already crowded with praise.

In his second Formula One year it does not yet work as desired –in Bahrain he gets his sixth best season placement so far, but many experts view the son of former Formula One driver Jos Verstappen as the next world champion. His debut in the royal class 2015 convinced him t hat he was even voted the Rookie of the Year by the automotive world association FIA.

Red Bull-Intimus David Coulthard predicted, even before the announcement of the driver’s exchange, that the Bull-Spruce had a bright future ahead of him. But even Carlos Sainz does not want to go unnoticed: “The way they both arrived and delivered in Formula One, I think they both have great potential to make it to future Grand Prix winners. And then, based on their decisions, to potential world champions. Both are qualified young drivers.”

Praise for the youngsters

Despite Carlos Sainz’s equally good results, media attention has been strongly focused on understandings. Coulthard has a clear explanation: “The focus was on Max because he is the younger of the two. Carlos was also able to deliver, which is why the Toro Rosso team is in a dilemma, because in the past only one has glittered and ascended, the other has gone somewhere else.”This dilemma should now have been averted with the switch of hiding to Red Bull for the time being.

“I would have no problem with that, If either, if not both, would ride on my team because they have all the traits of potential world champions. They are both focused, hungry and have this iron will. They grew up in racing families,”analyzes the Scot, who has worked with world champions himself in his long Formula One career (1994 to 2008)

“WTF for Kvyat-Verstappen-chsechsechsechsechsel”

For Daniil Kvyat, it is said once again in the second row, with Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko stressing in an exclusive interview with “” that this measure is not “execution” by Kvyat. For the Twitter scenario, however, the action of the cops is incomprehensible. McLaren-Pilot Jenson Button commented amazingly on the microblogging service: “Really? A bad race and Kwjat is dropped, what about the podium in the previous race?”, asks the Brit.

The former Red Bull Junior and today’s DTM pilot Daniel Juncadella added:”WTF for the Kvyat-Verstappen-Change. I see the Red Bull philosophy hasn’t changed. From hero to zero within a week,”writes the Mercedes pilot. His motor sports boss Toto Wolff spoke positively about Daniil Kvyat only recently in an interview with’TASS’. The Austrian said, “He’s a very fast boy. He deserves a place in formula 1, as we have seen in Shanghai.”

Apart from that, the Russian has a really nice character, says Wolff over the 22-year-old. If he keeps driving like he has, he’s a candidate for everyone because he’s fast. He is a very decent driver and I like him,”explains Wolff shortly before the turnaround in the Red Bull personnel debate.

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