Vettel-Interview: You bite your ass

Ferrari was unable to secure the win in the first row despite two places in the first row. Sebastian Vettel was the speech and answer after his second place at the Formula One race in Russia.

What is her assessment of the Great Prize of Russia?

Sebastian Vettel: All in all, I think, It was a good race. I might have been a little more aggressive at the start. It’s a long way to go to the second turn to slow down. I knew it was gonna be tight, that he’d shoot past like that and make it even before we did. That was one of the bowling moments.

How hard is it to say: It is Valtteri Bottas’day”?

At the first moment you bite your ass. Bottom line, though, we can best estimate how to turn the steering wheel, and he did a great job. He was brilliant in his first stint, and he didn’t make any mistakes. He did a great job all weekend, even though you can see that he won and his teammate (Lewis Hamilton) became fourth. We know his teammate isn’t a pushover. He is clearly the man of the race, even if it stinks to you.

Did he win the right Mercedes from your point of view and with a view to the season?

Nee. Actually a Ferrari should have won, that was the goal.

In Barcelona the teams will compete again with new cars. Do they expect dramatic changes during the season compared to the first four races?

I was just thinking about buying a crystal ball. We are often asked what is in the future. I think it’s going to be like this: a very close race between Mercedes and us.

You’re going to Spain with 13-point lead. How much does it surprise her?

It would be wrong to say that this is what we expected. Nothing comes by itself. Barcelona will be another race. We now have two weeks to see what we have done so far. The speed was there today, but the balance was lost in the first stint. There are things we could have done better. But I’m basically looking forward to having a strong car, a strong team.