Villeneuve expects more Hamilton patchers

Neither Lewis Hamilton nor Max Verstappen were flawless in the previous Formula One season. However, the Mercedes and Red Bull pilots are clearly ahead of the competition in the World Cup. How the battle between the two superstars ends seems completely open. But one thing is clear to former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve: Hamilton will make more mistakes.

Lewis Hamilton has not yet got a perfect weekend for racing this season. Apart from a few minor errors, the British underwent a punch at the Grand Prix of Imola, which has not been seen from him in recent years.

In the rain the World Champion steered his W12 into the gravel bed without great need. Only with a lot of luck and thanks to the Red Flag he finally saved place two to the finish.

Will see more of these errors”

Jacques Villeneuve is convinced that this will not be the last heavy patsy of number 44. The reason: The permanent pressure of Max Verstappen.

“Lewis did not always have to go to the limit in the past, but this is different this year,” said Villeneuve. The error in Imola has shown that Hamilton is also vulnerable under pressure: “And we will see more of these errors in the future.”

Understanding, on the other hand, has learned in recent years to always move his car to the limit in order to get at least one podium out.” Lewis did not have to do this in every race, because his biggest rival was his own teammate, who in some situations was not on the same level,”the Canadian analyzed.

For understand, the hard push is not a problem,”because he is used to it”. But what the Dutch desperately need now is a good number two.” He needs a better Pace from Perez so that he can support him against the two Mercedes drivers,”Villeneuve took the Mexican into his duty.