Wagner only thanks to tailor and fire clause in office?

After a horror season 2019/20, FC Schalke 04 drew the line. In the future, S04 wants to bake smaller rolls, the very big ambitions have put the royal flowers in the back for now. There were no changes in the position of the head trainer. However, the chair of David Wagner was shaking tremendously.

The fact that the 48-year-old is still in office, according to him, “Sport Bild” is only due to the intercession of the Sports Board Jochen Schneider. Schneider then made two last attempts at the Supervisory Board to continue to employ Wagner, but the staff is supposed to continue to polarize.

“Sport Bild” reveals some contract details of the S04 coach, which suggest why a separation is not necessarily recommended anyway. It is said that the chronically lame Schalker Wagner would have to continue to pay his normal salary due to a so-called “fire clause” on a throw out.

For a run-up to 2022 and 2,5 million euros the salary (including premiums) is five million euros. A sum that the royal blossoms are unlikely to simply blow into the wind at the moment.

Changes are intended to bring about a change in FC Schalke 04

Wagner himself should also be fully aware that his person is now viewed more critically in parts of the club, so the former coach of the BVB junior should be the flight has started forward. In agreement with Schneider and the team leader Michael Reschke, changes have been decided and have already been initiated.

The result of this exchange should include the recruitment of Wiebke Maria Schlusemann as a nutritionist of the club and Werner Leuthard as an athletic trainer. Leuthard is a long-time companion of Felix Magath and is considered a “grinder”. Leuthard is supposed to make the players fitter and less prone to injury.

On the player side Wagner will probably have to cope with most of the available material. According to the report, the S04 Supervisory Board of Schneider and Co. has clearly indicated that caution should be exercised following the claim for a guarantee from the State of NRW of 31,5 million euro, Since the “signal to the outside would be fatal”.

For this reason the intended transfer of Alexander Schwolow from SC Freiburg to the buttons should also have burst. For S04, a redemption of eight million euros was therefore never feasible, the Keeper eventually decided to commit to Hertha BSC.

But this is not enough: meanwhile, the Management Board has decided that the commitment of a new gatekeeper has “no priority”. Wagner has to deal with it.

Suddenly, all hope bearers of FC Schalke 04

The hopes now rest on the return of the long-term injured as well as the partly very prominent loan-recipients, which were chased more or less from the yard in the last season.

“The training quality has significantly improved compared to the backround. The reasons for this are obvious: important players who have been injured for a long time are now available to us again. In addition, with Mark Uth, Sebastian Rudy, Steven Skrzybski and Hamza Mendyl, there are four boys back who bring a lot of quality,”Schneider confirms this circumstance of the”Sports Image”.

What the listed stars think of the change of course will only be shown. FC Schalke 04 and Wagner in particular are expected to face a turbulent season.