Wehrlein: Formula-1 games far from reality

Whether on the PC or on the game console: Motorsport racing simulations for hobby games have become more and more professional in recent years. What began in the early 1990s with Geoff Crammond’s legendary Grand Prix series is now being continued with the “F1” series of codemasters, from which a new edition appears every year.

The current edition “F1 2018” (published in August last year) is not only played by young kids and gaming nerds, but also by one or other professional racing driver. Like Pascal Wehrlein. This reveals the former Formula One pilot in an unusually open, sympathetic and a half-hour interview with the current issue of the podcast “Starting Grid”.

“I have a playseat and a PS4 and play Formula 1,” says Wehrlein. As someone who knows both the reality and the video game, he can answer the question that Gamers around the world are asking: How realistic is such a Formula One game really? Finally, the one or the other who wins in “F1 2018” in a series believes that he could also exist in a real Grand Prix…

Wehrlein limits himself: “This is of course far from a proper formula-1 simulator of the teams or reality. Still, it’s fun. The lines are pretty realistic. And in the end, it’s still a race game. You try to drive there as fast as possible. But of course, the feeling is quite different. This is nothing compared to reality or to a formula-1 simulator.”

Wehrlein does not want to give up his online name

Bad news for the Hamiltons or Vettels of this world. For this purpose, some of them are at least virtually possibly faster than former Formula One stars. Wehrlein makes no secret of playing not only with his “real life” friends, but sometimes over the Internet with fans from all over the world. “Wehrlein But I will not tell you my online name,”he laughs in the interview.

And another question arises: If Wehrlein plays”F1 2018″, which driver does he choose? After all, he himself was part of the video series for the last time. Nevertheless, he also bought the latest edition of the game: “I am driving with another driver. Three guesses with whom!”, He laughs

It is well known that some Formula One stars (such as Max Hide) also like to play in paddock breaks in their hospitality rooms. It was never like this with Wehrlein: “If I had air and nothing to do, I slept. It’s always been best for me. I am someone who needs a lot of sleep,”the 39-time Grand Prix participant admits. (six World Cup points)

For this he does not only play Formula One games in his spare time, but”also other games. Actually, I’m pulling a lot of Battlefield. Call of Duty’I have always played a lot,”says Wehrlein. He plays the football game “FIFA” from time to time. And preferably in multiplayer mode or via the Internet. Because: “It’s fun to have fun with friends.”