Wehrlein without team leader: Unlike with Monisha

Clean has started at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2017 in Baku with another win in the era after the departure of team leader Monisha Kaltenborn.

The Swiss, who are looking for former Renault racing leader Frederic Vasseur as successor, currently have a temporary double peak. Team Manager Beat Zehnder and Chief Engineer Jorg Zander are in charge of the team’s destiny from Hinwil.

We do not have a new team leader yet,”says Pascal Wehrlein, who had secured himself the tenth rank in Baku.”We have no new team leader.” It’s different without the team leader, especially without Monisha. But that’s the way it is.”He’s still in contact with the Austrian, but he doesn’t know about the background to the separation either. We do it here just like in Baku: everyone concentrates on his job and brings out the best.”

“If decisions are required from the highest place, Beat or Jurg will make them. That’s the way it’s gonna be this weekend. Until there is a new team leader,”explains the German, who is satisfied with the previous course of Formula One-season 2017. Only two points were taken last year,”Wehrlein looks back. Now after six races –two missed Wehrlein due to injury –already five meters on the account.

“Five points are more than expected”

“Before the start of this year I didn’t know what to expect at all. After my injury break, I had no idea how things were going to turn out and if you could cut better than 2016. If I look at it now, I’m satisfied,”said the Mercedes-Zeppelin. Five points are more than expected, at least on the basis of previous year’s results. And I want to add more over the course of the year and get more meters.”

“We must always hope to profit from failures or problems of other teams. It’d be nice if we could score, too, if we all finish normal. But this is not the case at the moment,”Wehrlein realistically estimates the Gemengelage. Haas, Renault and Toro Rosso could not be endangered. We’re on site nine of the designers. I can hardly imagine that we can move forward under the current conditions.”