Weigl-goodbye from BVB not unlikely

In the summer 2015 Borussia Dortmund Julian Weigl fished from TSV 1860 Munich and was golden with this decision. At BVB, the Youngster immediately advanced to the performer and quickly debuted in the German A-National Eleven. However, 2018/19 is a retrograde trend, and Weigl is rarely the first choice. A farewell is in the room.

That the 23-year-old will leave the BVB in the summer is “not improbable”, the “Ruhr News” estimates the situation of Weigls.

The central middle fielder, who had to help mainly in the internal defense in Dortmund last, Weigl would meet Coach Thomas Tuchel at PSG. Among the 45-year-old Weigl belonged to the undisputed regular staff in Dortmund between 2015 and 2017. A change in winter, however, failed with the veto of the BVB bosses.

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“Of course, it was difficult at the beginning when you have such a chance in view. After the round was very unsatisfactory, we held talks,”Weigl said after the missed opportunity against”Eurosport”, but also reaffirmed that he would continue to give everything for the BVB.

However, the born Bavarian does not assume that, that he definitely fulfils his contract by the summer 2021. What happens in the summer 2019, he could not yet say, chose Weigl.

Besides PSG, Manchester City and AC Milan are also supposed to have an eye on the German.