Werewolf emotions are an outbreak of joy, aren’t they?

It was a scene that sparked discussions after the Grand Prix for Hungary: Toto Wolff’s outburst of emotion after the exchange of places between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

But what at first smelled strongly after a big fuss over Hamilton’s three lost points, In truth, it seems to have been an outbreak of joy.

Wolff turned around after the crossing, struck first on the table with his hand, then turned, with a dark face, to Niki Lauda, struck again on the chair. At first glance, this did not look like a face enjoying Hamilton’s sporting fairness, but quite the contrary, someone who is angry about the outcome.

But this interpretation seems to be wrong. It was simply the waste of tension when they crossed the finish line – and joy that the boys really made the switch”, a Mercedes spokesman from”Auto Image Motorsport”is quoted.

Joy about the exchange of seats?

“We couldn’t see the scene live on TV”, it goes on. So we had to look at the time monitor. When it was over, Toto had’Yes!’ And the “Yes!” The TV images that are now on video platforms on the Internet actually seem to support when you try to read Wolff’s lip movements.

Wolff was so excited about P3/4 in the race is unlikely. Rather, he would have expressed his delight that Hamilton kept his word and made the exchange. Because not everyone would have trusted the British with the three points he could have scored more.