Werner flirts with Liverpool: “Talk a lot for…”

The popular national storm Timo Werner from RB Leipzig has expressed himself well about a possible future at FC Liverpool.

“We have there with the best trainers in the world with Jurgen Klopp, who is German. There are many things that suggest that I might fit in well with my way of playing there,”said Werner at”Sky”after the 5:0 victory at Schalke 04.

At the same time the 23-year-old narrowed down:”I don’t worry about it because we are dealing so much with Leipzig right now. You can see that we have won against Tottenham, but we also have a backlash. It is hard to think about where to play next year if you want to give gas here and now.”

Last year Werner, who is also supposed to be a topic at FC Bavaria, extended his contract in Leipzig to 2023, but is supposed to have an exit clause for 60 million euro redemptions. Nevertheless, his future could lie in Leipzig in the coming season.

“Nothing is excluded. We still have the EM in the summer, so I want to focus on what goes beyond that, which is something to think about after the season. Questions come in, you don’t have to lie about it,”said Werner.