What the Eurosport-Zoff means for the Bundesliga

At least the Saturday conference is to be seen for all fans on the next two game days on free TV. The situation is complicated with the DAZN games.

In a week it will sound again in German lounges: “Toooooor in Dortmund!” “Space in Leipzig!” or “Eleven meters in Dusseldorf!” And this time, even millions of fans are in on it.

Right-holder Sky shows the Saturday conference on the first two days after the remainder in the Bundesliga football league on its freely available channel Sky Sport News HD.

For the start, the district rby Borussia Dortmund against Schalke 04 is also available at least in Cuts – to see a classic without fans having to pay for it without a Sky subscription.

Also the conference in the 2nd. The league is presented unencrypted. However, individual games are still available only for Sky customers.

Sky collects points from fans, DFL and Politics

Thus the payer collects plenty of points from followers, from the German Football League (DFL) and even from politics, behind the scenes, who had been vehemently committed to live images on free TV.

Background is the concern about crowds of fans with a Sky Receiver.” This is a beautiful story and a good sign in these times,”said DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert.

Less happy for DFL is the situation with Eurosport rightholders, because its parent company Discovery does not want to pay its share of the last instalment and terminate the contract.

The US media company apparently invokes a special announcement clause in case of force majeure.

DAZN sits between the chairs

This also has an impact on sub-licensees DAZN, who sits in the dispute between the chairs. However, according to “Image”, DAZN is allowed to broadcast the Monday game between Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen, and Seifert also signaled green light for the upcoming Friday games.

From next week it will be again, “to be honest, we owe this to our fans and our partner DAZN.” Seifert also emphasized at Bild Live that there are “no problems” with DAZN, but with rights holder Eurosport/Discovery there are “other views on the interpretation of the contracts”.

While Discovery wants to get out, ARD signalled its interest in broadcasts. One would be “ready for talks and an exchange of ideas” at a rematch, had ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky told SID.

No cooperation between ARD and Sky because of the money?

But cooperation between the ARD and Sky does not happen for the time being –probably also because of the money.

Public law “would then have to pay accordingly,” Uli Hoeness said: “Because it cannot be that Sky spends a lot of money for the rights and that ARD and ZDF become tramp drivers.”

Sky With the advance payment of the remaining last instalment for this season, much credit has been obtained from the makers.

Except for Eurosport/Discovery, all media partners helped the clubs in need of finance out of the mess with this payment. Overall, the 36 professional clubs collected more than a billion euros from TV funds.