Will Kristopans become Germany’s terror?

Dainis Kristopans is the star of Latvia’s last German opponent. The 2,15-meter man is a personified goal machine and one of the most prominent players in world handball.

Hands like frying pans, forearms like screwsticks and a cross, behind which DHB rear-end Julius Kuhn could hide himself: Dainis Kristopans is a real handball giant.

The star of EM-newcomer Latvia does not impress but under no circumstances only with his impressive stature, Kristopans is a real gate machine.

Seven hits marked the 2, 15-metre-long and 130-kilogram heavy rear-space chicken by Champions League winner Vardar Skopje at the EM premiere against Spain (22:33), another seven followed in the duel on Saturday against the Netherlands (24:32).

“Kristopans ranks among the best in the world,” says DHB goalkeeper Andreas Wolff.

Enormous size, Fine technique, good eye

Respect for Latvia’s greatest weapon is perfectly understandable. It was Kristopans who threw the Latvians with his hits for the first EM participation.

But also in Trondheim the man with the number ten convinces, in whose huge hand the toy acts like a tennis ball, Not only with throwing force.

Kristopans impresses despite his enormous size with fine technique and a good eye for the sidekick.

Dainis Kristopans is a folk hero in Latvia

In his homeland the left hand is a folk hero and belongs to the most prominent athletes. This is also due to the last season in the Champions League, in which he had a decisive share in the title win with 94 hits.

Kristopan’s qualities have long been discussed in the scene. In the summer, the 29-year-old, next to whom his fellow players look like youth players, switches to the chess club Paris Saint-Germain. At the latest, he is expected to become one of the best paid players of his sport.

The German team is warned.

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