Winery and the VfB: love at the fourth sight

After four partly disastrous defeats, the VfB Stuttgart succeeds at 1. FC Nuremberg is a hugely important victory. Coach Markus Weinzierl speaks of a “liberation blow”.

The relief was not to be missed and not to be missed. When the VfB Stuttgart, after four partly disastrous defeats, three of them under vineyards, was finally able to enjoy the sweet feeling of victory again, the joy knew little limits.

On the bench and on the lawn, players and carers lay in their arms, sometimes fooling around like little children, From the southern curve of the Max Morlock Stadium in Nuremberg, the cheers of their happy followers resonated with force.

VfB trainer Weinzierl “very relieved”

Yes, Ron-Robert Zieler said after the not particularly beautiful to look at, but nevertheless earned 2:0 (0:0) in bidding 1. FC Nuremberg, yes, he feels “great relief”. Last four defeats with 1:14 goals, the last three under Markus Weinzierl with 0:11 goals -“this is not easy”, the goalkeeper admitted, but: “The team has come together.” A game like this “doesn’t have to be much fun, you just have to win it, the joy comes after it”.