Wolff dreams of F1 cars on the north loop

Porsche-driven record round on Friday on the northern loop of the Nuremberg ring has aroused the desires of Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff. As he says at the edge of the Austrian Grand Prix, he had a similar company with silver arrows in front of him: I thought about it this morning when I saw the time,”says Wolff.

The time – a circulation in 5:19.546 minutes and at 234693 km/h average speed, driven by long-distance world champion Timo Bernhard in a modified LMP1 car called Porsche 919 Evo- astounds Wolff.” It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished,”he pulls his hat out in front of Porsche. I also talked to the guys and they think it’s unthinkable.”

Wolff knows what he’s talking about: 2009 broke the record for cars without turbos at the wheel of a Porsche 997 GT3 RSR on the Norschleife. In just over seven minutes. In an attempt to improve his time, he built an accident. He hit the bulletin board with 286 km/h. One and a half minutes faster than what I wanted to drive,”Wolff says,”which then ends in tears.”

F1-bolt should be extremely converted

The greater his fascination for the recent Porsche period, with which the Zuffenhausens undercut Stefan Bellof’s Urals record (set on the 28th of May 1983 in a Porsche 956 C) by almost one minute: “As if you were flying around the track with a spaceship,” Wolff is astonished.

Could the supposed royal class do even better?” It would be interesting to drive the northern loop with a Formula One car and see what happens then,”Wolff finds. Clearly, Mercedes would have to rebuild his W09 massively. The high jumping caps, like the aggressive edge stones and some over-elevated curves, would be a problem for the sensitive bolt.

Heidfeld and Schumi on the northern loop in use

An exciting project, but ultimately utopian, the sports director knows: “It is more my personal failing than a realistic idea, He sighs.

Mercedes was the last one to send a Formula One car to “Green Hell”. During the 24-hour race, Michael Schumacher took part in a demonstration round with his ex-Boliden, but did not allow it to proceed quickly. Fixer was driving Nick Heidfeld 2007 in a BMW cleaner. Even then, it was not about the times, but the monk gladbacher let us guess what would be possible with a modern Formula One car on the northern loop.