Wolfsburg professionals visit regional institutions

Chief coach Bruno Labbadia trained refugees, Managing Director Jorg Schmadtke worked in the animal enclosure, and midfielder Maximilian Arnold built a football field for cancer-stricken children: On Wednesday, VfL Wolfsburg professionals visited eleven regional institutions, In addition to Labbadia’s team, the successful women’s league team as well as around 200 employees, under the motto “Moving together”, showed once again how football connects, it speaks a unique language. It was totally fun,”Labbadia said after the actions:”Anyone who stands on the sun’s side should not look away, but always consider where and how he can help.”

team, employees, Fans: At the \35;Joint Movement Day, everyone is currently participating and engaging in social projects around Wolfsburg. ’35; 11for11 ’35; VfLWolfsburg

— VfL Wolfsburg (@VfL-u Wolfsburg) 19. September 2018