Zoff at RB Leipzig: Augustin angers fellow players

Jean-Kevin Augustin continues to cause unrest in the football league RB Leipzig. After the Frenchman produced several headlines during the current season, it seems that even within the team there is growing discontent about the behaviour of the 21-year-old.

As the “kicker” reports, the long-time leaders of the Saxons do not want to “tolerate” the escapades and allures of the young Frenchman. For many months Augustin has been lagging behind the demands and expectations of his teammates, it is said.

Why the 21-year-old lets himself be hanged like this, does not make statements in public and regularly causes trouble, is also a big mystery for coach and sports director Ralf Rangnick: “The question is, where the reasons lie. It may also be that there are reasons that lie in an area that even I do not know. The anger of the leaders is “understandable and justified”, according to Rangnick.

Should the situation not improve quickly, The chapter RB Leipzig for Jean-Kevin Augustin (contract up to 2022) could come to a quick end. Little consolation for the Saxons: Possible customers are supposed to be ready. Among other things, FC Everton aims to show serious interest in the stormer.